Welcome to MedGRADiENT

An optimistic and student knowledge oriented all - student project was founded by 2 students of TNMU: Prajwal G. Tippannavar and Shumayel A. Khan. It was organized for the students of Ternopil National Medical University since the beginning of lockdown. The project has been a little less known due to the quarantine and its restrictions, but remains very promising for further development. It has been working in both modes: online and offline and was fully sponsored by official authority of TNMU .

There has been an expandable level of knowledge with the involvement of international students as responsible individuals, who have been a part of this project to learn skills, share knowledge and grow!

In particular, this project focuses on a student – to – student learning possibility to keep peer assisted learning as a vital part of the universities learning process.

The purpose of this project is to create a proper guided path for study for every medical students of TNMU who tend to wander off in a new system, and provide a study supplement to inUniversity learning.

Goals of MedGRADiENT

  • To improve the level of knowledge of students.

  • Master the basic Medical skills .

  • To improve communication skills and over come stage fear.

Target Student Courses

  • All students interested in learning Pre-clinical subjects (probably students in 1st to 3rd courses) .