Closing semester workshops

Thanks to everyone who attended our workshops !

We had perfect time together, we hope that you learned a lot from us,

Soon our best students will be awarded with certificates 🙏

See you soon all of you in next semester ,

MedGRADiENT loves you ❤️🤍

Offline suturing skills

Basic learning of surgery is very important for medical students, that's why we added this content in our schedule!

student will learn about different kind of KNOTS.

For registration please register yourself on our website.

offline lungs dissection

As per the demand, we are coming back with dissection of the mammalian lungs, where we will learn the deep structure of the lungs!

for registration please register yourself on our website.

Vascular system online workshop

This Sunday we are going to organize the vascular system workshop as an online mode !

Please register yourself on our website.

Thank you!

Online Neuroanatomy


This week we will learn about the whole system of neuroanatomy,

seats are limited so please register as soon as possible.

First Aid course with Red cross Ternopil

First time in MedGRADiENT history that we are collaborating with redcross society where you will learn all the emergency life support !

Our trainer will be @_radar4ik_

Thanks @firstaid.ternopil

Registration Started !!!

Limited seats !

On this website .

Genito Urinary Workshop

According to the event schedule this saturday we need to organize about the genito and urinary system and also will be the dissection of kidney.

registration is already started, you can start register.

Topics at a glance!!!

As you all know that we are coming closer to krok 1 exam. This exam will be for fresher students that why we decided to post main topics from different subjects, every 2 days in a week we will post this on our instagram handle.

KROK-1 preparation with our team for 2nd attempt students

Attention!!! It's an announcement for all students who are having 2nd chance, we want to inform you that we specially starting this initiative. We kindly ask you to send any questions you find difficult to understand to us; and based on these questions, classes will held for you. Please note, every student is entitled to 30 questions. Kindly do so ASAP, for the classes to start immediately!!!

Parasitology workshop week

As we already organized medical biology workshop-1 but now it's time to organize part 2, we considered parasitology in our details.

in which student will read everything in detailed analysis, mnemonics and of course some clinical scenarios.

You can join us clicking bar option- join our workshops.

Online workshop on fracture and complexity

Online Workshop on Fracture and Complexity, Thanks to everyone who attended, Thanks to Darshit Thakkar for sharing your knowledge!

Dissection day on Cardiovascular system

The workshop themed "Cardiovascular system" was conducted on 20th March, 2021.It was Organised in Anatomy Building at Ruska Street. A total of 28 students attended the event and enthusiastically learnt about the cardiac anatomy. The session was divided into three different parts. The first being the basis for the next two, The part where students learnt thoracic anatomy. In the second part the students got acquainted with some of the clinical scenarios of the thoracic trauma and discussed cases of "Lumbar disc Herniation" and "Blunt Chest Trauma". The third part was where most of the students felt most enthusiastic-"Heart Dissection" . Students learnt the skills of dissection and professionally dissected the Heart specimen in the most beautiful and precise manner.

This workshop was conducted by,

- Tippannavar Prajwal Gangappa ( 342)

- Khan Mohammed Shumayel Athar ( 430)

- Nana Kwame Appiah Nkansah Denis ( 430)

Recruitment week


Join Medgradient 💖

As you are familiar with our organization Medgradient that we are already organizing our workshops officially. And till only 2 people organized everything but it’s time to increase our team membership so that you’ll be have chance to show your talent!

Please join us and make our organization great.

Note: If you don’t know how to organize and work and still you are willing to work with us then don’t worry we will teach you everything !

MedGRADiENT in local news of Ternopil

Hard work always pays off !!!

Today MedGRADiENT founders were called for the interview in 📺

We talked about the whole journey of organization !

Video is ppn the homepage of website.

Online webinar on mental health

Finally after a long time , we present you an event regarding your mental health , your thoughts and lifestyle!

As we all know that we are in pandemic situation and day by day situation is not well being and because of that we are losing our own normal lifestyle . So ,through this situation or even if it would not be pandemic, then how we should handle our mental health ?

We've invited our respected professor Afrom Psychiatry Department Assoc . Prof .Tetyana Pavlivna.

Professor will speak to us ONLINE on ZOOM.

Date - 10 october 2020, Time - from 18.00 ( kyiv time ) This Discussion will be FREE OF COST !

Register yourself by joining MedGRADiENT telegram channel. All further updates there, Stay safe !